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Scholastic Challenge 2015

Contest Deadline Extension!

Please note that because of numerous weather-related school closures in many parts of the country, we have extended our deadline from March 1 to March 15. Student scores in our system by March 15 will be included in the national results. The system is set up to accept and present scores until the end of April each year, but please complete before Saturday, March 15, and your student scores will be included in the national results.

Scholastic Challenge 2015 February Update 
We are still accepting registrations for Scholastic Challenge 2015.
1.Teachers that have not yet registered their students in Scholastic Challenge 2015 may still do so by registering above using the grade appropriate link. Instructions and student logins will be sent shortly after receipt of your registration.

  2. Our "instructions and logins" email was sent to previously registered schools on Wed. Jan. 14 (6th grade), or Thurs. Jan. 15 (8th grade). If that email has been blocked or spammed, and you cannot retrieve that email, contact us so that we can re-send the instructions and a new set of User Names and Passwords.

3. Please schedule the contest before March 1, so that your students' scores can be included in the national results.

4. For technical questions or technical support, please call 1 866 928 3265  (9 am to 5 pm EST weekdays)
Thank you for your support and participation.
The American Scholastic Achievement League extends to you an invitation to enter your students in Scholastic Challenge 2015 taking place online in February, 2015. For the past fourteen years, eighth grade students have been provided with an entertaining and challenging enrichment activity that allows them to demonstrate a variety of problem solving skills and knowledge in many academic areas. Recently, we introduced a second division that is designed to academically challenge students in the sixth grade.

Your students will enjoy competing in our online contest with other students in American schools. They will be able to compete as individuals and also as members of your school's team in a unique, interesting and educational program.

Trophies, plaques, medals and certificates will be awarded for achievement in individual and school team categories in both the 6th grade and 8th grade divisions.

To register your sixth grade or eighth grade students, or both, please select the grade appropriate Teacher Registration link from our navigation above, and complete and submit by January 16,

It is our hope that Scholastic Challenge 2015 is used as a strong motivational tool that will stimulate your students' quest for knowledge, and provide them with the joy and satisfaction of meeting new challenges. We look forward to your participation.