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  • Contest Rules and Procedures
  • What to do on contest date
  • Last Word
Contest Rules and Procedures
(for both the grade 6 and grade 8 contests)
(Please review and then print a copy of these Contest Rules and Procedures as well as the FAQ's so that you have all necessary details at hand for the administration of Scholastic Challenge 2024.)
1. School conveners will have to schedule at least one hour of computer time for their students to complete this online competition some time in February or early March, 2024. The contest may be scheduled at a school's convenience, but must be completed by March 15 to have student scores included in the national results.

2. Registered contestants will access our website, and have one hour to answer 100 questions divided into six categories: general knowledge, language and literature, social studies (history and geography), science, and mathematics. (calculators and scrap paper are permitted and recommended)
3. Conveners are asked to prepare one copy of their User Names and Passwords (from our email) by cutting the page into appropriate strips for distribution at the beginning of the contest. (Use the second copy to keep track of students' User Name - Password assignments as a reference!)
4. If timing allows, it may be of benefit for conveners to schedule computer time with their contestants some time before the contest date, to familiarize students with the website, the links, and contest rules and procedures; and to ensure that computers and server are technically sound.
What to do on contest date:
1. When the contestants are assembled at their computers, school conveners will distribute assigned User Names and Passwords. Contestants log on to, go to the grade appropriate CONTEST link, enter their Username and Password, read brief instructions similar to those below, and click on Begin Contest. Contestants enter their first and last names on the following page and then go to the questions.
(Names on trophies, awards and lists come from students' spelling)
ONLY STUDENTS REGISTERED AS CONTESTANTS MAY BE ISSUED CODES, COMPLETE THE CONTEST, AND SUBMIT ANSWERS! ( names of winners and scores are automatically generated by the program )

2. Each correct response is worth one point. Incorrect answers are not penalized. If unsure of an answer students should make an educated guess before going on to the next page. They can not go back by using the back button to change answers once they have been submitted.
3. When students finish the contest, or they have run out of time, a "Congratulations Message" to the students will indicate that their results are in the system.
4. Contestants must work independently, and may not use any references, resources or supplementary material. 
5. Teachers and supervisors are not permitted to interpret questions or words. They may not prompt students or explain any portion of this contest.
If technical assistance or support is necessary, call: 1- 905-987-3633 or email us at
Last Word

1. The contest is composed of 100 questions. Any student achieving a score over 60 is considered exceptional. Remember that the purpose of the contest is to stimulate the students' interest in knowledge, thinking, and learning, and to challenge them.

2. Remind your students not to lose time on a specific question or problem but to move on to the next one. They have up to 1 hour working time to answer 100 questions. A clock on the screen will keep students informed of elapsed time.
3. Results, trophies, medals, certificates, and an answered test copy for follow up activities, will be mailed as soon as possible. You should receive them by the end of April or early May 2024.

Thank you for your participation!