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A great opportunity for the kids! This is our first year of participation and the students really enjoyed it. A good range of questions with the right mix of Canadiana.
Rob Watson: Teacher
Carson Graham SS
North Vancouver BC
The test was challenging and entertaining and on exactly the right level. The students responded well, and most were finished in one hour. We are looking forward to participating in the future.
Mrs. Donnie Friedman
United Synagogue Day School
Willowdale ON
We sincerely appreciate the opportunity of participating in the Scholastic Challenge. Our school community is very enthusiastic because it gives so many of our intellectually unrecognized a brief moment of fame. Being in a senior school, the focus on esteem, in this day and age seems to be athletics. Our kids loved this experience. They talked about it all day. We really think that the Toronto Star and other media should advertise or show the winners! This is an honour.
Isla Key: Teacher
College Avenue P.S.
Guelph ON
The Scholastic Challenge was excellent. You are to be commended on your selection and great variety of questions with a strong emphasis on Canadian content. Hope to participate again.
Kenneth Campbell: Teacher
Tobique Valley Middle School
Plaster Rock NB
We all found the test challenging and it stimulated much discussion by the students. They are discovering that there is still much to learn.
Maurice Blanchard: Teacher
St. Joseph Immersion Centre
London ON
Thank you for the opportunity of offering such a challenge to our students. They were very keen about the opportunity and are anxious to know their results.
Judy Loschman: Teacher
Katimavik Elementary School
Katimavik NT